They produce sound when there’s surround sound audio going to the soundbar— as you’d expect. They’re quite small rears, but more than enough for my room (about 1m behind my head/sofa). The actual soundbar is so loud you find that a lot of the soundstage is there, with the rears more for atmospherics and the odd burst of noise. I’m playing around with calibration. Obviously, listening position and size of your room will impact how you get on. The Dolby Atmos also means what’s coming at you from the front is often more “engrossing” than what’s happening behind you. But it’s all quite immersive.

Connection? Well, I did have the sound drop out recently, but I don’t think it was the N950’s fault. These are my first wireless speakers, so maybe there are occasions when they’ll need to be reconnected because they’re not wired and sometimes you’ll encounter a glitch or something. It’s too early to say if there’s a recurring issue with the wireless speakers losing signal. But it’s not like they keep losing signal every time you turn the soundbar on, or anything. Ask me again in 6 months.

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