They are sometimes an easy way to scam people, too. Zavvi releases a LOT of Steelbooks (often requiring blind buy pre-ordering), and sometimes the finished Steelbook isn’t very good when it arrives. A lot of their cheaper ones, or ones you always see on sale, are there for a very good reason!

Or, more annoyingly, a better version of a Steelbook comes out within six months — like Atomic Blonde recently. Or the best-looking Steelbook contains a standard Blu-ray, when you’re focused on collecting 4K UHD… so do you favour the packaging versus the A/V?

Yeah, in some ways it was a lot easier when there was a limited choice. I can imagine a lot of people with a “problem” find themselves collecting all the various options, double and triple dipping on the same titles. It can become an addiction.

It’s also very odd (at least in the UK) that shops don’t tend to stock Steelbooks, so it’s very much an online-only thing here. Considering they’re tactile products and could become a valid reason to head out to the shop (for a “premium product”), I find that very strange. *Looking at you, HMV…*

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