Thanks for the feedback, Benji. It wasn’t my intention to list British female comedians here, but which I could easily do. I’m aware there are many, but certainly compared to America they don’t get many big breaks and don’t seem to be household names. At least in my social circles, of men and women.

Sharon Horgan is a notable exception, you’re right — but even then I wonder if Catastrophe would be around today on Channel 4, were it not for Amazon picking it up for the US and making it a more international hit that way. It didn’t seem to become ‘a big deal’ until Americans started mentioning it in articles and social media, months after series 1 ended in the UK.

The idea of the article was to focus on the change in Hollywood post-Bridesmaids (or how it seems to have changed, as I see it). I’m sure it has its flaws, of course, or I could have done a better job making a few intentions clearer. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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