RLM can't be held responsible for what their fans do online. All I've noticed is RLM fans who know the depth of Mike Stoklasa's love for Star Trek feeling upset that William Shatner (Captain Kirk himself!) hasn't watched any of their great videos without misunderstanding the context (of the parody ones) or bailing if there's a weak joke in the preamble.

I'm sure some of those fans get unreasonably angry and take it too far with bad tweets, but I feel quite certain RLM wouldn't be encouraging that sort of behaviour. A lot of their appeal is how aware they are of toxic fandoms.

This is all quite a bizarre situation, really., and now it's spread to Medium. If Mr Shatner would watch a full video of theirs (the Motion Picture review, or even the one they created in response to this Twitter nonsense), everything would be cleared up.

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