It seems like another move to slowly make Publications redundant to me, which is such a backwards step for Medium.

I own a Publication (enrolled on PP) that accepts submissions from Medium writers, but the changes above don’t do the logical thing and have those writers receive money their paywalled articles generate. To do that, I would have to rescind my PP membership for the Publication, but in doing that it means the Publication can’t make any money for itself.

The ideal solution here is for PP writers to be able to submit work to PP Publications, while accepting an “admin fee” for the privilege of so doing (as most Publications will edit, format, rewrite, improve, suggest changes, add imagery, etc, which deserves to be paid for). Then, say, if a writer makes $100 from a story one month, the Publication gets $10 of that for the work they likely put into making the story better and its successful marketing, etc.

Is that beyond the wit of man to set something like that up?

Right now, it just seems like ALL users are being encouraged to take full ownership of their own work, to just go it alone, and make money for themselves. Which is absolutely fine for a lot of people here, I’m sure, but it erodes the point of having Publications. I can see Medium eventually become a sort of “long-form Twitter” with a metered paywall built in.

On a positive note, the Friend Link is a good idea — as it means regular fans of your work, who follow you on Facebook/Twitter, aren’t always being confronted with a paywall you only really want to present within Medium itself for less captive audiences. But it still allows Medium members to clap and help reward you, too. (Although I can’t see this new feature appearing anywhere on the site yet, weirdly — has it rolled out now?)

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