I wish Medium would test their new ideas thoroughly before releasing them platform-wide. Currently, and for the past four days, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for writers to ‘paywall’ stories once submitted and accepted into my publication. I’ve been assured this is a fault that is being looked into… but isn’t that a fundamental thing you’d check works OK beforehand? It only works if you don’t submit to a publication.

Is this yet another sign Medium cares very little about publications now? (When was the last time pubs got a significant upgrade in functionality — 2 or 3 years?!) I worry it won’t be long before Medium say the Payment Program won’t now work in publications, encouraging writers to bypass them and just publish to their own accounts. There are too many signs Medium is trying to make publications less appealing to run and contribute to, sadly. I don’t see why either, because that’s they’re the best aspect of Medium. (It would help if they delete defunct publications that still appear in searches way above the actives ones, admittedly!)

In the meantime, while this error gets is investigate (and hopefully fixed by the admittedly very helpful tech support people I e-mail), I can’t monetise submissions to my publication and people are potentially missing out on earnings.

I’ve come to dread whenever Medium has a rethink and “improves” things…

Freelance writer and TV addict raised on films • If you’d like to support my work, www.buymeacoffee.com/danowen

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