I see. Well yeah, I’m hopeful things will come together soon.

I don’t understand the desire to see the number of responses to a post on the homepage, though. I never read something because I can see other people have responded to it. You couldn’t see comment numbers below posts on the Blogger-DMD homepage either.

I just read what takes my interest, and if there are responses that add more value so much the better. (You can perhaps bookmark things using the app, and respond on the site, if that helps.)

Maybe worth asking Medium about some of your concerns? Click here.

Sadly, not a lot I can do fix them. But I will just say that it’s worth giving some of the more ‘novel ideas’ Medium has a go, because you may see the worth they have once you use them. I used to wrinkle my nose at the very idea of Twitter only allowing 140-characters, and now it’s my favourite online thing — just had to give it a go :)

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