Hi Damian. Thanks for your comment. I think my rears are set at +6 and it’s fine. Maybe lower the fronts to +4 or +5? It depends on room size. Also ensure you have a sound setting that works for you. I go with ‘Standard’, not ‘Smart’, although the latter can sound deceptively “better” with standard TV audio… I think it’s best to just have a pure signal go through with no adjustments applied by the soundbar. Just IMO, of course, some may disagree. Also check your Blu-ray (I assume) is playing the correct audio track and your player isn’t doing something with the track first? I presume you’ve checked, but not sure what your level of know-how is exactly.

But if you’ve done all that… bit of a mystery! It should sound exactly the same as mine, being a soundbar with limited options to alter things!

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