Hi Brian. I really love the N950. Even in stereo, there’s just more clarity and ‘oomph’ to everything compared to my HTX22HD. It’s very powerful and fills a room (I barely go over 15 volume, as the neighbours complain at 20 and it can go to 100!) The Dolby Atmos would be better with separates, no question, but I do notice the added boost (if rarely feel *convinced* something is happening overheard). It may work better in a slightly bigger room than mine, of course. If the N950 is down to £1100, that seems a reasonable price for what you get. I should have waited! I’ve had no issues with the N950 in the past 5 months after a big ‘reset’ a few weeks into getting it. It’s easy to set up and I’m a convert to soundbars and wireless speakers when they’re this good. For the price, can’t go wrong now. The only nitpick is the Soundbar turns off if there’s no sound coming from it after 10 mins (when muted, or a channel goes off-air, or something), so it can sometimes be a pain to have to re-select it from my TV menu. But that’s a pretty minor thing. Hope that helped!

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