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Get Boosted!

Dan Owen


I’ve been accepted onto Medium’s latest project to find and share the best articles on their platform without solely relying on algorithms.

This is part of their recently announced Boosted program, whereby trusted publication editors scour Medium for top-quality writing in their area of expertise as “community curators”, suggest these to Medium’s internal curation team, and hopefully result in the article being accepted and “Boosted” — i.e. distributed more widely across Medium.

They say this will generally mean a Boosted article gains ~500 more views in the first week. Some have achieved 100,000 views over time. Of course, if the writer of that article is part of the Medium Partner Program (PP), the extra views can have a notable impact on how much money their work generates. Community curators also benefit financially for every article they successfully get Boosted.

I’ve already had a lot of success with my submissions (actually, none of them have been rejected so far), but it’s obviously going to get tougher to find amazing writing the longer I’m part of the program.

So, if you have something you think is worthy of being Boosted, feel free to complete the Google Form below. I’m personally looking for:

  1. Substantial pieces of writing, over 5-minute reading times.
  2. Original ideas, fresh opinions, and constructive thoughts.
  3. A firm grasp of English for a smooth reading experience.
  4. An article that conforms to Medium’s policies in terms of copyrighted material and plagiarism etc.
  5. The sort of article that is both easy and entertaining to read, but also enlightening and makes me want to share it.
  6. It must fit within the Arts & Entertainment categories, for me. (I’m receiving many articles that aren’t in scope, so please don’t waste your time by sending something that doesn't fit these categories — it’s primarily reviews and features concerning film, TV, books, and video games that I need.)
  7. It must have been published on Medium within the past 6 months.

Please don’t be disheartened if your work isn’t Boosted. I may have suggested it for Boosting but Medium’s curators disagreed with my assessment. I won’t have time to respond to everyone to say how I’ve dealt with their submission, sorry.

You’ll know if your article’s been accepted for Boosting via e-mail from Medium themselves, but not if you haven’t been successful.

Good luck!



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